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5 of Our Favorite Things to Do in Strasburg, PA in 2023 (Amish Country Adventures)

Amish Scenery people normally see on Strasburg Scooters tours of Amish Country, PA

Whether you’re looking for a romantic weekend away or a fun family vacation with lots of outdoor activities for the kids, there’s no better place than Strasburg, PA. Nestled in the heart of beautiful Lancaster County, Strasburg brings together all the best parts of modern accommodations and entertainment with the relaxed side of country living.

With its picturesque landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, Strasburg offers many activities for visitors of all ages. This blog post will share our favorite things to do in Strasburg, ensuring you have an unforgettable experience in this Pennsylvania Dutch Country destination. From Amish life and handicrafts to adrenaline-rush adventures and shopping, there’s plenty to do on your Strasburg getaway.

1. Amish Living, Up Close and Personal

Thanks to our many Amish neighbors, Pennsylvania Dutch culture is rich in Strasburg and throughout Lancaster County. The old-fashioned nature of Amish life fascinates many visitors. Luckily, some of our Amish friends are happy to welcome Strasburg Scooter Tours guests to have a peek at their peaceful and hardworking lives.

Our scooter tours bring you directly through the heart of Amish country for a chance to see some of our local Amish community members. Plus, you’ll enjoy several hours of peaceful scootering through lush farm fields and historic covered bridges.

If you’d like to see more of Amish country after your scooter adventure, we recommend these unique things to do in and around Strasburg: 

2. Exploring the Amish Lifestyle

A scooter, used on Strasburg Scooter tours, sitting next to a covered bridge with a horse and buggy passing by.

No visit to Strasburg is complete without immersing yourself in the fascinating Amish lifestyle. The Amish community, known for its simplicity and traditional values, provides a unique glimpse into a way of life that cherishes simplicity and rejects modern conveniences. 

Take a guided covered bridge tour through the Amish countryside, where you can witness horse-drawn buggies, beautiful farmlands, and handcrafted covered bridges.

3. Indulging in Amish Culinary

No visit to Strasburg would be complete without savoring the delicious flavors of Amish cuisine. Sample hearty Pennsylvania Dutch dishes at local restaurants, where you can enjoy classics like chicken pot pie, apple butter, and fresh-baked bread. For a truly authentic experience, consider attending an Amish family-style meal, where you can relish a traditional feast while engaging in conversations with Amish hosts. 

And don’t miss out on our Ice Cream Experience tour, where we’ll stop at a local dairy and journey through the Amish countryside in search of the best ice cream in Lancaster, PA.

4. Seeing Strasburg, PA in a Whole New Way

A group of people looking at an Ephrata National Bank hot air balloon while on a Strasburg Scooter tour of the Amish Country

Seeing Strasburg by scooter is one of the most unique and fun ways you can experience Amish Country. You don’t need a motorcycle license, and our expert guides will show you how to scooter around town with us safely. Because Strasburg Scooter Tours offers many different tour options, it often becomes a favorite Strasburg attraction for our repeat guests.

However, Strasburg provides no shortage of exciting ways to see the sights! After your scooter tour is over, get to see even more of Amish country by taking an Amish buggy ride down peaceful back roads – or get a birds’ eye view with a hot air balloon tour

5. Stopping by our Local Strasburg Shops and Antiques

There are many indoor attractions in Strasburg as well, making our town a great place to visit year-round. Lancaster County is known for being a favorite destination for collectors of antiques, and Strasburg has plenty to offer. Strasburg and its neighboring towns are also an excellent destination for high-quality handcrafted furniture, art, and beautiful home goods. In just one day, you can:

Enjoy the Best Strasburg Attractions

If you’re joining us for a day, a weekend, or more, you’ll find that everyone in Strasburg is ready to welcome you with open arms. You’ll become part of our close-knit community during your stay, with plenty of attractions to be enjoyed and good food to be had for everyone in your group.

Book your Strasburg Scooter Tour today and view some great places to stay (plus special discounts) online now or call 717-344-2488. We’ll be happy to help you arrange your Strasburg Scooter Tours tour – and we can’t wait to show you around!

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