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Things to Do This Thanksgiving in Amish Country, PA

Turkeys spotted on a Strasburg Scooters Thanksgiving scooter tour

Are you looking for things to do in Amish Country on Thanksgiving weekend? Consider starting a new tradition by spending your Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.  Say goodbye to the hassles of meal preparation and cleanup, and instead, savor a delightful family meal at a local eating establishment.  Afterward, kick off your Thanksgiving weekend by […]

25+ Fun Things to Do in Strasburg, PA, This October

An old tractor sitting in a cornfield in the fall | Strasburg Scooter Tours

October is one the best times for fall things to do in Strasburg, PA. The leaves are in full autumnal color of reds, oranges, and purples, with crisp days and chilly evenings.  You can cuddle up in a coupe for a Spooky Scoot, and blankets are included as you travel through Strasburg’s back roads at […]

Why You Need to Discover the Covered Bridges of Lancaster County, PA

Few things are more representative of Pennsylvania Dutch Country than the iconic red-covered bridges of Lancaster County, PA. Wander down gentle winding back-country roads and the Amish countryside, and you’ll stumble on a few dozen covered bridges away from major roads, the understated gems of Lancaster. Whether you seek a photo opportunity near these beautiful bridges, […]

5 of Our Favorite Things to Do in Strasburg, PA in 2023 (Amish Country Adventures)

Amish Scenery people normally see on Strasburg Scooters tours of Amish Country, PA

Whether you’re looking for a romantic weekend away or a fun family vacation with lots of outdoor activities for the kids, there’s no better place than Strasburg, PA. Nestled in the heart of beautiful Lancaster County, Strasburg brings together all the best parts of modern accommodations and entertainment with the relaxed side of country living. […]

First Time Visiting Amish Country, PA? What To Do When You Arrive, Where to Stay, and More

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is a unique destination that offers visitors a glimpse into a simpler way of life rooted in tradition and community.  The area is known for its large Amish population, vibrant arts, stunning nature, and friendly locals. Whether you’re interested in exploring Amish country, immersing yourself in the culture, or enjoying the great outdoors, […]

Top 20 Unique Date Night Ideas for Couples in Lancaster, Pa.

Romantic Date Night Idea In Lancaster, PA

Looking for unique date night ideas in Lancaster, PA? Rather than binging another show on Netflix or going out to dinner, why not switch up your date night routine? Time spent one-on-one or finding new things to do as a couple is essential to sustain your relationship. Looking specifically for stuff to do during the […]

6 Unique Things to Do with Friends in Central PA

People taking a Strasburg Scooters tour near Intercourse, PA

From visiting the Capitol to getting close up with stalagmites, you haven’t really lived unless you’ve waded through all the unique things to do near Central PA. Close to cities like Philadelphia and New York City, you don’t have to drive far to have fun. Check out this round-up of some of our favorite adventurous […]

Pennsylvania’s Unique Tourist Attractions

Pennsylvania is widely known for Penn State football, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. However, with a nearly five-hour drive between the two cities, Pennsylvania has lots to offer. Thanks to its position as one of the first colonies, Pennsylvania has a rich history. Visitors to the state can enjoy everything from the bustle of modern city life […]

Adventure Awaits: Amish Attractions in Lancaster, PA

A scenic photograph of an Amish Farm, representing one of Lancaster, PA's big attractions Amish Tours.

What better way to see Amish attractions in Lancaster, PA than on your very own set of wheels? Strasburg Scooter Tours is an award-winning tour company located right in the heart of Lancaster’s countryside. We offer quick and easy access to the best Amish experiences this beautiful county has to offer. Officially listed as a […]