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Why You Need to Discover the Covered Bridges of Lancaster County, PA

Few things are more representative of Pennsylvania Dutch Country than the iconic red-covered bridges of Lancaster County, PA. Wander down gentle winding back-country roads and the Amish countryside, and you’ll stumble on a few dozen covered bridges away from major roads, the understated gems of Lancaster. Whether you seek a photo opportunity near these beautiful bridges, are intrigued by historic building techniques explained by an experienced guide, or are charmed by the exceptional views and unique architecture these sites embody, a Lancaster-covered bridge ride is a great way to discover all there is to see in Lancaster, PA.

About the Covered Bridges in Lancaster 

Did you know Lancaster County has the most covered bridges in Pennsylvania, with 28 covered bridges? Many of the covered bridges have a historical significance dating back to the 1800s. Covered bridges are wooden truss bridges, designed to be an almost complete enclosure, with roof, decking, siding, and traditional colors. 

With an abundance of rivers and streams, covered bridges made transporting goods and expanding towns much easier. The covering protects the wooden structure from sun and rain, which dramatically extends the bridge’s life. The remaining covered bridges are maintained using the same construction methods employed over 150 years ago, preserving their charm and historical integrity.

Discover Lancaster, PA’s Covered Bridges

While all 28 of Lancaster County’s covered bridges are worth visiting, a few stand out for their unique stories and beautiful architecture. During a guided tour of Lancaster County’s covered bridges, keep your eyes open for some of these unique covered bridges:

1. Kauffman’s Distillery Covered Bridge

Named for Kauffman’s Distillery Mill, one of 130 distilleries operating in Lancaster County at the time, Kauffman’s Distillery Covered Bridge is surrounded by open farmland. This bridge spans Chiques Creek (also known as Chickies Creek). The covered bridge was built in 1857 for $1,185.

2. Zook’s Mill Covered Bridge

Dating back to April 1849, Lancaster County sought proposals to erect a bridge near Henry Zook’s Mill on Cocalico Creek. Records indicate the mill owner built it for $700, with historical accounts noting a $690 payment in January 1850. Standing as a living legacy, this bridge’s history is woven with nearby mill heritage, from Zook’s Mill (later Wenger’s Mill) on the Warwick Township side to a woolen fulling mill upstream in West Earl Township, reflecting a rich tapestry of craftsmanship and history.

3. Hunsecker’s Mill Covered Bridge

At over 180 feet, Hunsecker’s Mill Covered Bridge is one of Lancaster County’s longest single-span covered bridges, spanning the Conestoga River. The original bridge was built in 1843 but was rebuilt in the 1970s after Hurricane Agnes damaged it.

4. Poole Forge Covered Bridge

Found on at the Historic Poole Forge, an 18th- and 19th-century iron furnace, Poole Forge Covered Bridge was built in 1859, and it crosses the Conestoga River. The all-red bridge is where President Jame Buchanan supposedly met his fiance, but she passed away before their marriage.

5. Keller’s Mill Covered Bridge

Located south of Ephrata, Keller’s Mill Covered Bridge is the only all-white covered bridge in Lancaster County. The covered bridge was originally built in 1873 near a large Amish Farm and later relocated in 2006 to its current location on a less-trafficked road. Keller’s Mill Covered Bridge now spans Cocalico Creek.

6. Herr’s Mill Covered Bridge

The Herr’s Mill Covered Bridge, once called the Soudersburg Bridge, was constructed in 1844, spanning Pequea Creek on Ronks Road. Extending 178 feet, it’s a rare example of a double-span, double-arch covered bridge in the US, no longer open to vehicles but holding a rich history of craftsmanship and architectural charm.

7. Weaver’s Mill Covered Bridge

Traversing the gentle waters of Conestoga Creek along Weaverland Road, the Weaver’s Mill Covered Bridge stands as a charming relic of history. Erected in the year 1878, this bridge holds a significant place in local heritage. Often graced by the presence of Amish horse and buggies, it was previously known as the White Hill Mill Bridge, evoking memories of its storied past.

8. Pine Grove Covered Bridge

Located in the southeastern region of Lancaster County, Pine Grove Covered Bridge is the longest covered bridge in the county at 198 feet long. The bridge crosses over Octoraro Creek from Lancaster County into Chester County and features two spans, and is accessible from Asheville Road.

9. Lime Valley Covered Bridge

Also known as the Strasburg Bridge, the Lime Valley Covered Bridge was built in 1871 and spans Pequea Creek. The bridge sits in a scenic low valley, creating multiple angles for a great photo. Lime Valley Covered Bridge also goes by Strasburg Bridge or Pequea Creek 8 Bridge. 

10. Neff’s Mill Covered Bridge

Built on the border between West Lampeter Township and Strasburg Township in 1824 and reconstructed in 1875, Neff’s Mill Covered Bridge is the oldest and the narrowest in the county. The bridge crosses over Pequea Creek and clocks in at 102 feet long. Neff’s Mill Covered Bridge was originally known as Bowman’s Mill Covered Bridge.

Covered Bridge Tours in Lancaster, PA

The best way to see our classic Lancaster County covered bridges is through an award-winning country road excursion guided tour with Strasburg Scooter Tours. Nothing quite compares to the breeze-filled views from the seat of a 50cc scooter. With Strasburg Scooter Tours, you’ll experience unique views of the countryside, including Amish schoolhouses, farms, and back roads on a mini-road trip. Led by an experienced, professional guide, tours stop at some of Lancaster’s oldest historic bridges. No fiddling with a GPS or reading a map is required. All you have to worry about is following your guide and enjoying the exciting history of Lancaster County and its covered bridges.

What are you waiting for? Book your tour with Strasburg Scooter Tours today and explore the hidden masterpieces of Lancaster: covered bridges. As you travel the roadways of Lancaster County, we hope you seek out and enjoy the beauty and simplicity of our covered bridges as much as we do.

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