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Pennsylvania’s Unique Tourist Attractions

Pennsylvania is widely known for Penn State football, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. However, with a nearly five-hour drive between the two cities, Pennsylvania has lots to offer.

State Capital in Harrisburg, PA Scaled
A view of the capitol building, located in Downtown Harrisburg.

Thanks to its position as one of the first colonies, Pennsylvania has a rich history. Visitors to the state can enjoy everything from the bustle of modern city life to natural wilderness. 

Our state has the country’s oldest highway system, so road travel between all of its best features is easy. If you’re planning a day trip, weekend tour, or longer visit, consider adding a stop at one or more of our favorite Pennsylvania tourist attractions.

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Exploring Nature

Pennsylvania actually means “Penn’s Woods,” a reference to both the state’s founder William Penn and the area’s abundant forests. On one trip to Pennsylvania, you can see a diverse array of wildlife.

Bushkill Falls – Located near the Pocono Mountains, Bushkill Falls is considered to be one of Pennsylvania’s most beautiful waterfalls. It’s even been dubbed “the Niagara of Pennsylvania” due to its impressive size.

Ricketts Glen State Park – Ricketts Glen has 22 waterfalls, hiking trails, a lake, campground sites, and impressive scenery spread over more than 13,000 acres.

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park – Did you know you can go on safari in Pennsylvania? Lake Tobias is a large zoo that takes visitors on an open-air safari adventure to see animals from all around the world.

Pennsylvania Industry Tours

Much of Pennsylvania’s economy was built on mining and manufacturing. There are several unique tours you can take that will teach you about the industries that keep Pennsylvania running.

Pioneer Tunnel – Located in the heart of Pennsylvania’s coal region, the guided Pioneer Tunnel tour takes visitors 1800 feet into the side of a mountain to view a mine and learn more about the history and process of coal mining.

Harley Davidson Tour – Stop by Harley Davidson’s York, PA factory and learn how some of the world’s most notable motorcycles are produced. Several tour options are available for everyone from the casually curious to serious motorcycle aficionados.  

Turkey Hill Experience – learn how this popular (and delicious) Pennsylvania ice cream is made with a hands-on tour. Sample every ice cream your heart desires and even craft a custom flavor of your own in the Turkey Hill Taste Lab.

Amish Country Attractions

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is home to the country’s largest Amish community. Our Amish neighbors are an important part of life in Lancaster, and many visitors are curious about Amish living.

Verdant View Farm – Tour a real working Amish farm in Lancaster County. Verdant View farmers help their guests get up close and personal with animals, including opportunities to milk and feed cows.

The Ultimate Amish Adventure ­– Our Strasburg Scooter Tours guides will take you on a tour of gorgeous Lancaster County countryside, including drives through historic covered bridges and a visit with some of our Amish friends. Over tea and a visit to an Amish farm kitchen, you’ll get to learn more about Amish life and try your hand at baking some traditional treats.

Due to its easy road and train access from New York, Baltimore, and Washington D.C., Lancaster County is the perfect place to start your Pennsylvania adventure. Our hometown is rich in delicious Pennsylvania Dutch food, beautiful scenery, and welcoming people. Plus, it’s an easy drive from Lancaster to any of the other great Pennsylvania tourist attractions on our list!

To start your Pennsylvania vacation, visit our booking page or give us a call at 717-344-2488 to reserve a spot on the Ultimate Amish Adventure or another Strasburg Scooter Tours tours.

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