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5 Best Things to do in Lancaster, PA This Weekend

Dozens of people having fun on a scooter tour in Lancaster, PA

If you’re looking for things to do in Lancaster, PA this weekend, we’ve got you covered. Lancaster, Pennsylvania, brings endless opportunities for families of all ages to learn, grow, and have fun together on any weekend. From learning about science and cultures to trying new foods, you can find activities for everyone in the county. […]

The Essential Lancaster Vacation Guide: Top 20 Activities

If you’re planning a getaway or vacationing in Lancaster County, PA this year, you may need a hand finding some new, fun activities to enjoy with family and friends. Lancaster County truly has something for everyone with various activities for all ages and interests. If you’re unsure of what to do or where to start, […]

Top 20 Unique Date Night Ideas for Couples in Lancaster, Pa.

Romantic Date Night Idea In Lancaster, PA

Looking for unique date night ideas in Lancaster, PA? Rather than binging another show on Netflix or going out to dinner, why not switch up your date night routine? Time spent one-on-one or finding new things to do as a couple is essential to sustain your relationship. Looking specifically for stuff to do during the […]

6 Unique Things to Do with Friends in Central PA

People taking a Strasburg Scooters tour near Intercourse, PA

From visiting the Capitol to getting close up with stalagmites, you haven’t really lived unless you’ve waded through all the unique things to do near Central PA. Close to cities like Philadelphia and New York City, you don’t have to drive far to have fun. Check out this round-up of some of our favorite adventurous […]

Pennsylvania’s Unique Tourist Attractions

Pennsylvania is widely known for Penn State football, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. However, with a nearly five-hour drive between the two cities, Pennsylvania has lots to offer. Thanks to its position as one of the first colonies, Pennsylvania has a rich history. Visitors to the state can enjoy everything from the bustle of modern city life […]

Adventure Awaits: Amish Attractions in Lancaster, PA

A scenic photograph of an Amish Farm, representing one of Lancaster, PA's big attractions Amish Tours.

What better way to see Amish attractions in Lancaster, PA than on your very own set of wheels? Strasburg Scooter Tours is an award-winning tour company located right in the heart of Lancaster’s countryside. We offer quick and easy access to the best Amish experiences this beautiful county has to offer. Officially listed as a […]

Solved: Where to go in Amish Country, PA

We planned an Amish Country Trip full of enjoyment for couples and small groups. We love that our community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania keeps receiving national attention (for example, from the New York Times and Forbes) because of our small-town vibe, bigger city amenities, and unique attractions — all of which converge to make us the […]

Discover Lancaster Spirit of Creativity Award Winner!

Strasburg Scooter Tours is the proud winner of the 2018 “Spirit of Creativity Award” from Discover Lancaster. Here’s the Lancaster guided tour that won the prize: Ice Cream Experience @ Strasburg Read: More Posts About News at Strasburg Scooters

Single Mom, Strong Traveller, Strasburg Scooter Tours

If you’ve never been to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; then you definitely have to come for a visit. You might not even want to leave. While this is my hometown, I’m still finding so much new and fun stuff to do and see and eat, it’s constantly changing and growing. It’s always fun to play tourist […]