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Top 5 Things To Look For When You Go On An Amish Country Tour (in Lancaster County, PA)

When people think of Amish Country, they often associate it with Lancaster, PA – for a good reason. Lancaster is home to a large population of the Amish community and has a long history of ties to this area. In addition, Lancaster County is traditionally known as the Pennsylvania Dutch community and is undeniably beautiful, remote, and simplistic in its own charming way.

Lancaster is a great destination in itself, and many people travel to the area while passing through and heading to other destinations. Whatever the reason for visiting, taking an Amish Country Tour in Lancaster, PA, is often high up on visitors’ to-do lists.

If you haven’t visited Lancaster, PA, before or want to learn more about the Amish life, we’re sharing five things to look for while enjoying an Amish Country tour in Lancaster County, PA, on your next trip.

1. Learn About Amish Culture

Lancaster County is rich in Amish history, and the many Amish attractions throughout the area have tons for visitors to learn about and explore. From hands-on activities to custom private tours and more, there are endless opportunities to engage with the Amish culture and experience real Amish life. Some of our favorites include trying traditional Amish foods, visiting local Amish farms, and exploring one of the many Amish markets in the area.

2. Explore Amish Farmhouses

As you learn about the Amish lifestyle, exploring Amish farmhouses is a great way to see first-hand how these communities operate in the twenty-first century. Visiting one of the local Amish farmhouses may include activities such as learning about Amish schooling, helping out around an actual functioning Amish farm, interacting with Amish artisans, and more.

Many farmhouses also have families operating the tours, so you and your group can meet and talk with those who operate these farms daily.

Amish buggies, parked along roadside in Lancaster, PA

3. Sightsee Covered Bridges

Lancaster County boasts more than 25 covered bridges in the local area, all with unique architecture and landscapes around them. Many Amish horse-and-buggies travel these covered bridges daily and other local traffic throughout the area. A covered bridge tour, like the one done by Strasburg Scooters, has a specific itinerary for those wanting to check out these unique bridges.

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4. Stop At Roadside Produce and Flower Stands

Traveling through Lancaster County, you will find many roadside stands available with fresh produce, flowers, and more for visitors to stop for. These stands offer some of the more delicious local fruits, vegetables, and Amish baked goods you can find. The selection of beautiful bouquets is in abundance, too! Be sure to stop by these stands while touring Lancaster County.

5. Enjoy Seasonal Crops and Harvests

Along with the local roadside stands, seasonal foods currently in harvest are a must-try when visiting Lancaster. Take your group on a country road excursion to enjoy some of these fresh flavors.

And while the stands and markets have many treats to choose from, Lancaster also has a variety of farm-to-table restaurants serving up the freshest local goods from the area.

Amish farm with barn and agriculture fields in the foreground near Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

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