Tour Lancaster County, PA's Amish Country

Tour Lancaster County, PA’s Amish Country with an experienced tour guide!

Do you rent scooters?

No. All of our scooters are used for guided tours of Lancaster County, PA.


Are your tours guided?

Yes, all of our tours are led by experienced guides. We take you places that you probably wouldn’t find on your own. It’s much more enjoyable to follow your guide than trying to read a map or GPS while riding your scooter. Relax and enjoy your trip! Pick a tour here »


Do I need a driver’s license to drive a scooter?

A valid motorcycle license is required for drivers riding one of our two wheel Honda PCX150 scooters. A valid driver’s license is required for driver’s of all other scooter models, including our three-wheel, double-seat scoot coupes. Passengers are not required to have a license. Driver’s must present the applicable license at the time of the tour. If you do not have your driver’s license, you will not be able to drive a scooter, but if you forget it, keep in mind that you may be able to ride as a passenger with someone else in your group, based on availability and may require additional fee (ex. if upgrading to the three-wheel Scoot Coupe). 


What if it rains or the weather is bad?

In the event that a Strasburg Scooters cancels a tour due to the weather, the guest will have a choice of a full refund or rescheduling their tour. We will notify you as soon as we can after we have made the determination as to whether it is safe to ride (keep in mind that weather varies from place to place – it may be raining where you are and not raining near us). The decision to cancel a tour will be determined by the road conditions as they pertain to safety of the riders. Strasburg Scooters will make every attempt to give advance notice of any cancellations, however this cannot be guaranteed as weather conditions may vary. ***If you fail to show up for your tour and the tour still takes place, you will lose your payment.*** Choose a tour here »


What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy: Reservations with Strasburg Scooters may be canceled or rescheduled with 48 hours notice of the scheduled tour to receive a refund. All cancellations initiated by the guest will be subject to a 5% cancellation fee plus any booking fees. Cancellations without 48 hours notice will not be eligible for a refund.
Strasburg Scooters will make the final determination whether a tour will be canceled/rescheduled in the event of inclement weather (see question “What if it rains or the weather is bad?”). This decision will be determined by the road conditions as they pertain to safety of the riders. Strasburg Scooters will make every attempt to give advance notice of any cancellations, however this cannot be guaranteed as weather conditions may vary. Tours canceled by Strasburg Scooters will not be subject to a cancellation fee. ***Riders must arrive 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the tour for safety training. Anyone arriving late will forfeit the tour with no refund.*** See question “Refunds?” for policy regarding not passing the training. Choose a tour here »

Our exciting Covered Bridge Tour of Lancaster County, PA



48 hours or more: Yes. See question “What is your cancellation policy?” above.

Less than 48 hours from the tour: No. See question “What is your cancellation policy?” above.

Don’t pass required training:  No. Guests that do not pass required training may upgrade to a three wheel scooter, for an additional fee, as inventory allows. Upgrade availability is not guaranteed.


Guided Tour of Lancaster, PA on 3-Wheel Scooter

Choose a 2-wheel scooter or a 3-wheel scoot coupe! See scooter options here.

What if I’ve never ridden a scooter?

We offer both 2-wheel motorized scooters and 3-wheel “scoot coupes” (no balancing ability required & fit two people). Riding a 2-wheel scooter is very similar to riding a bicycle. We will provide every operator with training prior to the tour. We focus on balance, throttle, and brakes. You don’t have to have ever driven (or ridden) on a scooter before, but booking a two-wheel scooter is strongly discouraged for guests that have never ridden a 2-wheel bicycle. If we do not feel comfortable with your ability to safely operate a scooter, we will not take you on the tour (unless you’re a passenger with someone else). We offer 3-wheel Scoot Coupes which require no balancing ability to operate. Riders not able to operate a two wheel scooter may upgrade to a Scoot Coupe, for an additional fee, based on availability. See scooter options here.


Do you provide training to ride scooters?

See question “What if I’ve never ridden a scooter?”


How fast do the scooters go?

The top speed of our motorized scooters is approximately 40 mph. Most of the guided tour will be conducted at speeds between 20-25 mph. If you are not able to operate your scooter at 20 mph or greater during training, we will not take you on the tour (unless you’re a passenger with someone else). See question “What if I’ve never ridden a scooter?”


What should I bring?

  • Valid License (if driving, see above for type of license required)
  • Eye protection (required): This may consist of sunglasses or eyeglasses. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires that all riders and passengers wear something to protect their eyes. Guests who forget eye protection may purchase individually wrapped glasses from Strasburg Scooters for five dollars.
  • Weather appropriate clothing (ex. coat and gloves)
  • Sunscreen
  • Closed toe shoes or sneakers
  • Camera
  • Cash for any planned or unplanned stops, and tips for our guides for great service

Have another question? We’re happy to help! Contact us here.


What should I wear? Can I wear shorts?

What should I wear? Please dress appropriately for the weather on the day of your tour. Remember that the scooters will be moving at speeds up to 35 mph, which will create a wind chill. Even if it feels somewhat warm outside, you may want to bring a coat (just in case). Each scooter has a small storage space that you could use if you decide not to wear the coat.

Can I wear shorts? Shorts are acceptable on the tour. Depending on the weather, you may want to wear pants.

Can I wear sandals? Open-toe shoes are strongly discouraged.

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How long are the tours?

It varies by tour – the duration is listed toward the top of every tour page. Choose a tour here »


Touring Amish Country Farmland in Pennsylvania

Touring Amish Country Farmland

What kind of roads do the tours take place on?

Our guided tours of Lancaster are all on paved roads. 95% are back roads. One thing to keep in mind is that the tour is on public roads, so you may encounter loose stones, debris, potholes, animals, road apples, etc.


How old do I have to be to drive a scooter?

Insurance company regulations require all scooter operators to be at least 18 years of age or older at the time of the ride. No Exceptions! Passengers don’t have to be 18 or older (see the question “How old does a child have to be to ride on the scooter with me?”) Choose a tour here »


How old does a child have to be to ride on the scooter with me?

3-Wheel Scoot Coupe: We will allow children age 4+ to ride with a licensed adult in a Scoot Coupe.

2-Wheel Scooter: Children must be 7+ in order to ride on the back of a double-seat scooter.

Note: All guests, including children, must be able to wear a helmet and eye protection while the scooter is in motion. Children riding on the back of a scooter must be able to reach the footrest with their feet in order to be able to ride. We reserve the right to decline a child to ride in the event that we feel that the child may be a safety hazard.

Experience Amish Country PA

Experience Amish Country’s rolling farmland with the breeze in your hair.

Is there an age limit?

To drive: 18 years or older with a valid driver’s license.

To ride passenger: see the question “How old does a child have to be to ride on the scooter with me?”


What is the weight limit of your scooters?

We follow the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit for each scooter.

1-passenger scooters: 250 lbs

2-passenger Yamaha Zuma scooters: 315 lbs (combined)

3-wheel Scoot Coupes: 400 lbs (combined)

Note: No Exceptions.

What time of day do tours start?

It varies by tour. See the top of each tour’s page to see what times that specific tour is available (choose a tour here »).


Are there tours on the weekends? Are you open Sunday?

Yes, there are tours on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). It varies by tour (ex. not all tours are open Sundays, Amish holidays, etc). See the top of each tour page to see what days of the week that specific tour is available. Choose a tour here »


Amish Buggy Seen on Tour

You’ll travel through back roads of beautiful Amish farmland.

Do tours happen year round?

It varies by tour (pick a tour here ») and is listed toward the top of every tour page. We even have special holiday-themed tours: Spooky ScootThanksgiving Day, and Scootin’ with SantaChoose a tour here »


How much does a tour cost?

It varies by tour and is listed toward the top of every tour page. Choose a tour here »


Does the price listed include tax?

Tax is included on our Strasburg tours. An East Lampeter Township entertainment tax will be added to all bookings from our bird in hand location. The East Lampeter tax is 5% of the cost of the tour, Camping out at one dollar per person.



Can you book online and/or by phone?

The easiest way to book is on our secure website (click here to book). However, you can also call (717) 344-2488 to book a tour.
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How far in advance can you book?

View our calendar by clicking here.


When should I book a tour?

We strongly recommend booking as soon as you know you want a tour. Why? Because availability can quickly change for the date/time you’d like to go. It’d be a bummer if you missed out on a tour because it’s full! Choose a tour here »


Do you absolutely have to book in advance (and how far in advance)?

No, but we highly recommend booking in advance (book online here). There’s only so many scooters/tour guides available each day. Summer and weekends typically sell out, though other times do too. That’s why we recommend booking as soon as you know you want a tour. You can book online up to several hours before the scheduled tour (see “When does online booking for a tour end?” below). Choose a tour here »


When does online booking for a tour end (ex. can you book a same-day tour online)?

If a tour is not already sold out and there’s already some people on the tour, you usually have up until 1 hour before the tour to book online. If the tour doesn’t have anyone else scheduled for it, you’re generally able to book online up until 3 hours before the tour. These deadlines are subject to change. Choose a tour here »


Can a pregnant person drive or ride?

Check with your doctor. You can if they approve. However, we prefer if pregnant women ride and/or drive one of the 3-wheel scoot coupes.


Are your 3-wheel Scoot Coupes handicap accessible?

It depends on the disability. We’ve had people with special needs ride in them. Unfortunately, we can’t make a guarantee that it will work for all situations.


If someone’s unable to drive (ex. elderly or person with a disability), will you provide a driver for the Scoot Coupe?

Due to insurance restrictions, our tour guides are unable to carry an additional passenger.

Will this be fun for locals?

You betcha! Whether you’re looking for something to do on a staycation in Lancaster, PA, a unique date idea, or simply a fun outdoor activity with friends or family, you’ll see, visit, and learn about things you never knew about – right here in your own backyard! Schedule a tour here »


How does insurance coverage apply to the scooter rental?

Each scooter is insured with liability insurance that extends to the renter. In the event that you cause damage to property owned by someone other than Strasburg Scooters, LLC, the liability insurance will cover that damage. However, you are responsible for all damage to or loss of the scooter, including the cost of repair, or the actual cash retail value of the vehicle on the date of the loss. Check your own automobile insurance policy for coverage limitations before your tour. Many policies do NOT cover rental scooters; even if you have personal automobile insurance, you may not be totally protected. We offer a Limited Loss Damage Waiver (LLDW) for an additional fee. The LLDW would alleviate your financial responsibility for up to the first $1,000 of damage to the scooter, as well as any lost revenue during the period that Strasburg Scooters, LLC is unable to use the scooter. SCOOTER RENTALS DO NOT INCLUDE MEDICAL INSURANCE. Choose a tour here »


Scooter Tour of Lancaster PA

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Do I have to wear a helmet? Is it provided/included?

Drivers and passengers of our 2-wheeled scooters are required to wear a helmet due to insurance policy requirements. Drivers of our 3-wheeled Scoot Coupes with a valid motorcycle license may opt not to wear a helmet. In the event that the driver chooses to go without a helmet, their passenger over the age of 21 may also opt to go without a helmet.

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Is eye protection required?

Eye protection is required, as nobody likes a bug in the eye at 35 mph. Wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses qualifies as eye protection. In the event that you don’t have eye protection with you, we have eye protection available for purchase. Choose a tour here »


Do I need to tip the tour guide (gratuity)?

We are often asked how much to tip the tour guide. While tipping is not required and is an individual preference, the average tip that our tour guides receive is approximately 15% of the value of the tour.

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Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes! Click here for more details.

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