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Where You Can Find The Best Ice Cream Near Strasburg, PA (Updated for 2023)

The best Ice Cream in Strasburg, PA

Lancaster Countians love their ice cream, and the many hand-crafted ice cream spots near Strasburg, PA, are testimony to our love affair with this frozen dairy treat.

Local dairy farmers use fresh cow’s milk and source many ice cream flavors from local produce, such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and pumpkins.

Each hand-crafted ice cream tastes different because of the variety of dairy cows’ milk used to produce Lancaster County’s unique ice cream. For example, you’ll discover creamy ice cream made from Jersey and Holstein cows.

You can find homemade ice cream when you put “ice cream shop near me” in your favorite search engine, or just check out our list below. Looking for other unique things to do with your significant other for date night? Click here for 20 unique things to do in Lancaster, PA for couples.

10+ Best Ice Cream Spots Near Strasburg, PA

If you’re coming for a day trip near Strasburg, PA, you’re lucky because there are many ice cream shops nearby.

Here is a sampling of the best ice cream in Lancaster, PA:

1. Strasburg Creamery, Café, and Country Store

The Strasburg Creamery and Country Store in Strasburg, PA

This popular ice cream destination has been in business since 1985. It serves up a smorgasbord of flavors of ice cream, including

  • Seasonal favorites – Teaberry, cotton candy, sprinkle king, and chocolate marshmallow.
  • Traditional flavors – Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, black raspberry, and sweet cream & nuts
  • Vegan ice cream – Ask your server for flavors.

Strasburg Creamery makes homemade ice cream, waffle cones, and bowls. You can enjoy your ice cream in a sundae, as a milkshake, or as two scoops on a waffle cone.

2. Down on the Farm Creamery

Down On The Farm Creamery in Strasburg, PA

To experience an authentic Amish farm, you want to visit Down on the Farm Creamery. They sell soft-serve ice cream, hand-scooped ice cream, freshly brewed coffee, and many other dairy products. You can also pet baby goats and calves while on the farm.

3. Lapp Valley Farm Creamery & Café

Lapp Valley Creamery and Cafe in Gordonsville, PA

If you love creamy ice cream, you’ll fall in love with Lapp Valley Farm’s ice cream. Lapp Valley Farm uses the milk produced by their 70 Jersey cows. You’ll find Lapp Valley Farm’s ice cream to be the creamiest ice cream in Lancaster County.

Lapp Valley Farm Creamery & Cafe has two locations, one east of Intercourse, PA, and the other at their farm near New Holland.

Lapp Valley Farm Ice Cream shops serve homemade milkshakes, waffle cones, fresh milk, and yogurt. You can also get breakfast and lunch at the Intercourse location.

4. The House of Pizza in Willow Street

Exterior view of the House of Pizza Willow Street in Willow Street, PA

The House of Pizza in Willow Street is a go-to destination for local ice cream enthusiasts. This hidden gem features a variety of options to please every palate. From classic favorites like Hot Fudge sundaes to refreshing shakes and malts in a variety of flavors, you’ll discover something that will make your taste buds dance with joy. 

Offering both soft serve and hand-dipped ice cream, this charming establishment knows how to satisfy your sweet cravings. So, whether you’re seeking a slice of pizza, a simple scoop, an indulgent sundae, or a refreshing shake, the House of Pizza in Willow Street is sure to be a favorite destination for ice cream lovers of all ages.

5. Rolled Cold Creamery

Ice cream from Rolled Cold in Lancaster, PA

If you’re hungry for rolled ice cream, you want to visit Rolled Cold Creamery in Intercourse or Lancaster, PA.

Rolled Cold Creamery’s ice cream is made-to-order. If you’re lactose-intolerant, you’re in luck because their ice cream is 99% lactose-free, or you can request that your ice cream be made dairy-free. Rolled Cold Creamery also has vegan and gluten-free ice cream options.

At Rolled Cold Creamery, you can get your ice cream fix in a milkshake, a banana split, or a root beer float. Rolled Cold Creamery wants all of its guests to enjoy their hand-crafted ice cream.

Strasburg Ice Cream Experience Tour
If you have a sweet tooth, indulge your craving on our award-winning ice cream tour in Strasburg, PA.

6. Bird-in-Hand Bakery and Café

Exterior view of the Bird-in-Hand Bakery and Cafe in Bird-in-Hand, PA

Just up the pike, as we say in Lancaster County, the Bird-in-Hand Bakery and Café serves up artisan ice cream. Bird-in-Hand Bakery and Café makes homemade ice cream on the premises using farm-fresh milk and local produce.

For example, you can taste pumpkin-flavored ice cream made with the pumpkins from Bird-in-Hand Bakery and Café’s pumpkin patch.

7. Hayloft Ice Cream Treats & Soft Pretzels

Cold brew shakes from Hayloft Ice Cream Treats and Soft Pretzels near Leola, PA

Hayloft Ice Cream Treats & Soft Pretzels is located just off Route 23 near Leola, PA. It’s the newer ice cream near Strasburg, PA. From classic Soft Serve options like Vanilla, Chocolate, and Twist to unique flavors like Blueberry, Black Raspberry, and more, there’s something to satisfy every palate. 

Indulge in their sundae toppings such as Butterscotch, Caramel, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Marshmallow. 

Italian ice, pretzel log, ice cream, and soft serve may vary by month, so stop by to check out the current month’s flavors. Visit Hayloft Ice Cream and treat yourself to a delightful ice cream experience that will leave you craving more

8. Fox Meadows Creamery

Two Baked Fox treats from Fox Meadows Creamery in Leola, PA.

If you take an ice cream tour in Lancaster, PA, you must stop at Fox Meadows Creamery in Leola. This is their second ice cream parlor. Their farmstead location is west of Ephrata.

Fox Meadows Creamery makes their hand-crafted ice cream with milk from their Holstein cows. Their specialty is the Baked Fox, a homemade sweet outer shell with ice cream inside. Their flavors of ice cream include:

  • Belgian Cookie Butter
  • Brown Butter Almond Brickle
  • Fresh Peach
  • Honeyed Lavender
  • Pumpkin Patch Cheesecake

9. Uncle Leroy’s

Uncle Leroy's Kitchen in Strasburg, PA

Uncle Leroy’s may pop up if you put “ice cream shop near me” while visiting Strasburg. Uncle Leroy’s sells local ice cream, homemade fudge, brittle, and other goodies.

You can find Uncle Leroy’s stand at the Bird-in-Hand Farmers Market, Lancaster Central Market, and at their Lancaster store.

10. Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

A donut ice cream sundae from Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in Ronks, PA

Spend a day down on the farm with Cherry Crest Adventure Farm’s corn maze and “you pick” pumpkins, popcorn, sunflowers, and zinnias.

You can also grab an ice cream, milkshakes, and freshly squeezed lemonade while enjoying the farm in Ronks, PA.

11. Son’s Ice Cream & Italian Ice

Son's Ice Cream and Italian Ice

If you’re staying in Strasburg and hankering for soft-serve ice cream, you can’t go wrong when you stop at Son’s Ice Cream & Italian Ice.

Son’s is only open from March through October, but you can get soft serve ice cream in a sundae, avalanche, or milkshake. There are a variety of sundaes available to choose from, and Son’s also sells Italian ice and gelato.

The Ultimate Ice Cream Experience

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So, if you’re traveling to Strasburg for the day, don’t forget to stop at one of these hand-crafted ice cream shops or enjoy an ice cream tour in Lancaster, PA, at our Strasburg Tours. Book your tour today!

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